Our Core Services

We deliver value based long-term solutions for mining, power infrastructure, industrial and specialized commercial construction sectors. Through our collaborative approach, we are renowned in the industry for our outstanding ability to engage customers and to truly understand their electrical, mechanical engineering needs and related business objectives. With diverse skills, our teams are able to deliver innovative customized solutions and provide levels of service at a quality that meet and exceed expectations and according to international standards.

Through early engagement, detailed technical analysis and a thorough understanding of our core markets, we help our customers to achieve cost certainty, design efficiencies, reductions in life cycle costs and improved operational environments.

We have capacity and experience to service the following environments:

  • Mining & plant shut downs for electrical, mechanical, engineering works
  • New electrical project installations, maintenance and support
  • Control & Instrumentation – installation, support, parts & software supply
  • Low voltage services, transmission and distribution
  • Industrial Design and Build Installations
  • General industrial supply and delivery
  • Labour Relations, Recruitment and Training

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